School lunch

I have two kids in elementary school, one in 5th grade and one in 3rd grade.  They absolutely love our school, and I am in love with our school district. The school lunch program, that the district has offered for the past 12 years is pretty decent, especially compared to lunches in public school where I went in Brooklyn.  Our schools offer plenty of fruit, vegetables and other healthful options like brown rice and baked vs. fried chicken nuggets. I watch what my kids eat, and we are a mostly organic household, however I still buy lunch vouchers for kiddoes for the times when mornings become overwhelming, or for their favourite “brunch for lunch” specials. Most of the time, I pack them a lunch and a snack.
Here are yesterdays, and todays lunches.

Home made California and Veggie( cucumber, peppers, carrots, cream cheese) rolls


Lettuce, cheese and apple slices on a chiabatta roll, with raspberries and a plum.



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